Welsh or English Bacon Settle


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Very fine Welsh or English country "bacon" settle having molded cornice over two short cupboard doors over two longer doors with open hanging section, flanked by two shaped arms over planked seat with two drawers below, the whole fashioned from richly grained field ash, and with excellent light rich color. So called bacon settles were traditionally used near a fire with wrought iron hooks to the inside used to hang curing meats. Now more typically found with hanging coats, scarves and hockey equipment, this would add the finishing touch to any mudroom that could accommodate it. Field ash is not a species in and of itself, but rather denotes the circumstances under which it was grown. Most ash timber we see tends to be rather plain and straight grained (think baseball bats and Hammer handles) and this is how the wood develops when grown in a forest where trees grow tall and straight. When grown out in the open, ash trees tend to sprawl and the timber derived from them can be spectacularly figured, such as in the case of this lovely piece.


very good antique condition

Height 79.25 inches
Width 51.5 inches
Depth 25 inches