Set of Four Botanical Prints by Pierre-Joseph Redoute


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Set of four stipple engraved and hand colored botanical prints after Pierre-Joseph Redoute, including Martagon Lily, Plate 146 and Iris Monnieri, (Bird of Paradise Flower), Plate 78, all from Les Liliacées, Paris, 1802-16
Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1756–1840) was a Belgian painter who became the most celebrated botanical illustrator of his day. Called the “Raphaël des fleurs,” he served as a court painter for Marie Antoinette, enjoyed continued success during the turmoil of the French Revolution, and, under the patronage of Empress Josephine, published two lavishly produced collections of his botanical illustrations, the eight-volume Les Liliacées (1802–1816) and the three-volume Les Roses (1817–1824).
All in reproduction "Kit Kat" frames (a term given to this Georgian style frame made popular by the series of portraits of members of the infamous Kit Kat Club painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller) and retailed by Arader Galleries.

Print size appx 13.25 x 20. Size below includes frames

19th Century
resin, paper

very good

Height 32 inches
Width 24.5 inches
Depth 1 inches
FRAME_SIZE: 24.5 x 32