Pair of Late 18th Century Dutch Delft Tile Pictures


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​Pair of late 18th century Delft polychrome tile pictures one depicting a “Keeshond” or “barge dog” and the other a cat, both depicted in manganese, blue and yellow, standing on faux delft marble tiles, the cat curiously depicted with human facial characteristics. ex collection of Stanley J Seeger and bearing older collection labels as well. These tile pictures, like many Dutch paintings, are teasing a story and are possibly betraying the sympathies of the owners. The Keeshond was named after the 18th-century Dutch patriot, Cornelis (Kees) de Gyselaer (spelled ‘Gijzelaar’ in Modern Dutch), leader of the rebellion against the House of Orange. The dog became the rebels’ symbol; and, when the House of Orange returned to power, this breed almost disappeared. Like Jacobite symbolism, these subtle pictures suggest the loyalties of the artist, owner or both to the rebel’s cause. Provenance: Stanley J. Seeger Old collection labels stating. “Coll. 6259/2”