Fisherman’s Wharf Couroc Cocktail Tray


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Cocktail tray by Couroc, Monterey CA circa 1960 inlaid with various materials including wood, metal, shells and stone  Fisherman's Wharf.  Very popular in the 1950s and 1960s The Couroc Company was founded in 1948 by husband and wife Guthrie Courvoisier and Moira Wallace in Monterey, CA. Guthrie worked with experimental plastics during the Second World War and and developed a phenolic resin material that was not only durable enough to form into trays but was also impervious to alcohol and flames. Wallace was Couroc's chief designer and led a team of artisans producing Couroc's works. Courvoisier was also the first person to recognise Disney animation cels as works of art and featured them in his gallery. Couroc's products were very popular and sold in high-end department stores, such as Gumps of San Francisco, Shreve's of Boston and Bergdorf Goodman in New York. One of the company's advertisement states "Any tray can serve a drink. Only Couroc can start a conversation." We think that is even more the case today. Priced individually at $275 each "Unique COUROC products Are cherished gifts because of their great variety and beauty in design. Hand inlaid by master craftsmen, shells, coins woods and metals are fused into Couroc's famous satin black material which is impervious to alcohol, boiling water, and cigarette burns".

phenolic resin (an experimental plastic)

H 1 in. x W 18 in. x D 12 in.

Height 1 inches
Width 18 inches
Depth 12 inches