Celestial Light Fixture


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Unusual American wrought iron and bronze light fixture in the form of a globe with Zodiac ring in pierced bronze probably designed by Cass Gilbert and made for the Hartford CT based department store G. Fox and Co, circa 1918. The original store was destroyed by fire in 1916 and its replacement, designed by Gilbert, opened in 1918. This light was removed after a later remodeling and remained in the collection of the granddaughter of the founder, Beatrice Fox Auerbach.

Can be used as shown, or wall or ceiling mounted. Can also hold a 24" dia. glass globe.

Moses Fox had the new store designed by New York architect Cass Gilbert as an 11-story behemoth, initially dubbed "Fox's folly" in reference to its sheer scale. The new store opened in 1918. Beatrice Fox Auerbach, Moses's daughter, and her husband, George Samuel Auerbach, to return to Hartford from Salt Lake City to help with the business. George died in 1927 and Beatrice then began working alongside her father. Beatrice Fox Auerbach (July 17, 1887 - November 29, 1968) was a philanthropist, educator, labor reform pioneer, and president and director of G. Fox & Co. from 1938 to 1959. Upon her father's death in 1938, she took over the Hartford, Connecticut-based G. Fox & Co.

Under her stewardship, it became the largest department store in New England. While executive of this enterprise she also lead the nation in labor reform programs such as the 40-hour work week and a retirement program. As a female executive, she recognized the importance of educating women in business and management. From 1938-1959 she made her store available to the Connecticut College for Women (now Connecticut College) as a training program for retail education. After creating the Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation, she began extensively investing her time in various philanthropies. In 1945, she established the Service Bureau for Women's Organizations. After 29 years as an executive, Auerbach sold the business to the May Company in 1965, declaring that “One thing you can be certain of is that I won’t be spending it on yachts and horses, but for the benefit of the people.” Auerbach died in Hartford on November 29, 1968. She was inducted into the Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame in 1994.

Bronze, wrought iron

Good. Now shown without glass globe - reproductions available to fit if so desired

Height 35 inches
Diameter 37 inches