Carved and Painted Indian Doorway


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Very good Indian 19th century (or earlier) chip carved doorway with geometric patterns and retaining some original blue pigment, of mitered mortise and Tenon construction which dismantles easily for shipment and storage, retaining a lovely surface and with only minor patching. Constructed of two notched uprights, two tenoned posts and two horizontal panels. Size listed is overall. Doorway opening is 74" x 42"

circa 1850

Good. Very good overall condition. measurements are for the outer part of the doorway that is visible, the tenons on the left and right side of the upper section protrude beyond the 56" by about 2.5 inches on either side, but would not be visible..

Height 94 inches
Width 56 inches
Depth 6 inches
Inside opening: 74" x 42"