Flying fish (three available) carved of exotic wood having wings and mounted on stands. Differing shapes and sizes, as indicated. Each stamped Pitcairn Island, with one signed Lancy Christian, and another Len Brown. Pitcairn Island is famous as the home of the descendants of the mutineers of the HMS Bounty. Dimensions: 5 in. deep x 11 in. long x 5.5 in. high (stamped Pitcairn Island; Len Brown) 5.5 in. deep x 15 in. long x 7 in. high (stamped Greetings from Pitcairn Island; Made by Len Christian) 4 in. deep x 19 in. long x 6 in. high (stamped From Pitcairn Island).  $3,300 each or $8,900 for three.


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