‘Icare’ Bronze Sculpture


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Bronze sculpture by George Boisgontier, French sculptor, born 1931.
Number 3 in an edition of 8.
"Georges Boisgontier is a deeply original and individualistic artist, yet his haunting sculptures strike the onlooker with a curious, yet comforting, impression of déjà vu. A recurring evocation of hieratic Egyptians deities, totem-like Cycladic figures, primitive Greek gods and goddesses, they are heavy with significance and eternal memories from the depths of antiquity. The mission of these modern-day bronze fetishes is to stand against the absurdity of the human condition, excorcize material values from our minds, testify to the sacred vocation of humanity, and remind us of the end of a civilization and the approach of a new age when spirituality, as André Malraux predicted, would come into its own. Born in Bordeaux in 1931, Georges Boisgontier has never ceased searching for the truth. After many trips to the Far and Middle East, he settled in St. Paul de Vence, creating his own solid and well-centred mythology from bronze and clay. While exploring beyond the surface of people and things, Boisgontier's work protests, with humanistic passion and turmoil, against the disintegration of the modern world". Dane McDowell
circa 1980
Cast bronze


Height 26 inches
Width 20 inches
Depth 6 inches

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